Lech Wałęsa signed an open letter of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates supporting the Global Climate Strike

During his stay in Mexico at the summit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates, Lech Wałęsa signed a letter supporting the Global Climate Strike. Along with the former President of the Republic of Poland, a dozen other Nobel Peace Prize laureates have signed up to the call.
This letter admits that “when it comes to confronting the greatest crisis facing humanity today, it is the young people who are bringing the moral clarity and sense pf urgency that is so desperately needed.” By supporting the initiative of the contemporary youth, Nobel Peace Prize laureates appeal to world leaders to end the era of fossil fuels and demand climate justice for everyone.
The letter will be read in the presence of Lech Walesa and his guests gathered during the Climate Solidarity Conference on September 29.

Climate Solidarity Conference coming up in just ten days!

Exactly in ten days starts  the inaugural session of “Solidarity for the 21stCentury”.

This year, social activists, local government officials and experts under the patronage of Lech Wałęsa will be working to stop environmental degradation and encourage the use of sustainable development methods at local and global levels. The day will conclude with a celebration of the 76th birthday of the first leader of Solidarity. We await to welcome all invited guests!

The Curse of Plenty – screening during the conference

The climatic Solidarity conference will end with a film by the famous Polish director Ewa Ewart titled “The Curse of Plenty.”

It tells the story of the Sapara tribe inhabiting the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. Their ongoing long-standing struggle from preserving the unique ecosystem that is their home before destruction to use natural resources is an inspiration for conference organizers. Representatives of the Sapara tribe will be present at the conference as special guests.

From this place, we also thank the director, as well as Krupa Gallery and TVN24 for possible film screenings, we are sure that it will be a valuable addition to the substantive application.